Turn to a Chiropractor, Not Painkillers!

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turn to a chiropractor not painkillers

We’ve all been there at some point; you sit up in bed and realize that your neck feels tense. This could be the result of a long day of working at the computer or falling asleep in an awkward position. Stiffness or pain in the neck is a common occurrence that usually subsides on its own throughout the week, but it can sometimes plague patients for much longer.

Many will automatically reach for a bottle of painkillers to treat the pain. However, if you are experiencing a stiff neck, there may be an underlying issue you need to address with our chiropractor in North York. Joints in the neck tense up, especially with stress and need to be stretched and loosened to allow free movement. This will help avoid future stiff neck symptoms.

At Bayview Village Wellness Centre, our chiropractor near you serves many patients suffering from stiff necks by using a range of exercises and stretches to loosen the neck joints and stabilize the muscles around the cervical spine. Next time you experience a stiff neck, observe your pain closely and consider seeking chiropractic care in North York, instead of taking painkillers to relieve the pain.

Causes of a stiff neck

Stiff necks usually involve having trouble moving the neck from side to side because of both pain and tightness in the neck, shoulders and arms. Pain may persist between a day to a week, in which case you should seek professional help from a chiropractor near you.

There are a few common causes of stiff necks that can be remedied with rest or chiropractic care. Muscle strains may occur when the muscle that connects the cervical spine to shoulder, also known as the levator scapulae, is overused or strained. Strains may occur after a series of everyday situations like sleeping with your neck at an odd angle or holding tension from stress. They can also be caused by a misalignment in the spine, resulting the muscles in the area to be unable to provide proper support for the neck and head.

A pinched nerve might also be causing your neck pain. When this occurs, one of the vertebrae in your spine becomes misaligned and pinches a nerve that protrudes between the spinal segments.

Some less common causes of a stiff neck have more serious underlying issues such as a herniated disk, osteoarthritis, or disc degeneration disease.

When to seek chiropractic help

When you notice you have a stiff neck, try to rest for a day and apply an ice pack for 20 minutes increments. This may help relieve tension within a day or so. Sometimes, the stiffness and pain does not subside, requiring professional chiropractic care near you.

It may be time to see a chiropractor if you experience the following:
• Stiffness or pain that does not go away in a few days;
• Stiffness or pain that is not alleviated by cold therapy;
• Severe pain that makes it difficult to turn your head;
• Stiffness or pain following a traumatic incident such as a fall or car crash.

When you visit us at Bayview Village Wellness Centre, we will examine your neck and work to determine the cause of the pain. If you have misaligned vertebrae, we may conduct a spinal adjustment to correct it. We will teach you neck stretches and light exercises to keep the joints and muscles strong and mobile.