Top 6 Principles of Naturopathic Medicine

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Naturopathic Medicine in North York

Naturopathic medicine is becoming more and more popular. At Bayview Village Wellness Centre, we offer our patients options for naturopathic medicine in North York to alleviate their symptoms and enhance their quality of life. Read on to learn the six principles of naturopathic medicine near you.


#1 The Healing Power of Nature

Our chiropractors in North York believe that the human body has the inherent ability to maintain, establish, and restore health. The healing process is intelligent, and nature heals through the response of the life force. The role of the physician is to facilitate this process and remove any obstacles to health and recovery.


#2 Identify and Treat the Cause

It is important to understand that illness does not happen without cause. Underlying causes of disease must be removed and treated before one can completely recover. Symptoms are signs that the body is attempting to heal but aren’t the cause of the disease itself. Causes of the disease can be mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual.


#3 Do No Harm

Illness has a purpose. The process of healing includes the involvement of symptoms which are an expression of healing. A chiropractor near you should use therapeutic actions that are complementary to the healing process. They should not use methods that are designed to suppress symptoms without removing the underlying causes.


#4 Treating the Whole Person

Disease and health are conditions of the whole person, involving a complex interaction of mental, genetic, environmental, social, physical, spiritual, and other factors. The physician must take all these factors into account by treating the entire person. The harmonious functioning of all parts of an individual is vital for the recovery from and prevention of illness.


#5 The Physician as the Teacher

Going beyond an appropriate diagnosis and prescription, the physician must also work to create a healthy relationship with the patient. A good doctor-patient relationship has therapeutic value on its own. The doctor’s main role is to encourage and educate the patient to take responsibility for their own health. The doctor is a catalyst for healthful change, motivating and empowering the individual to assume responsibility. This is because the patient is ultimately in charge of their own healing. The doctor must also commit to their spiritual and personal development to be an excellent teacher.


#6 Prevention

In any form of healthcare, the ultimate goal should be prevention. This is accomplished through the promotion and education of daily habits that contribute to good health and optimal functioning. The doctor should assess risk factors and hereditary vulnerability to disease and make the appropriate interventions to avoid risk and harm to the patient. The idea should be to build on health and healthful practices rather than on fighting disease.


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If you are interested in learning more about the naturopathic medicine path, please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated team of medical professionals at Bayview Village Wellness Centre. We are happy to get you started on your natural medicine journey. Please call us to book your consultation today.