How to Find the Right Physiotherapist For You

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physiotherapy in north york

If you’re trying to choose between the hundreds of physiotherapists and chiropractors in North York, what should you consider? After all, physiotherapy and chiropractic treatment can restore comfort, peace of mind, physical performance and even your zest for life. Why would you put all those things at risk by choosing just any clinic to obtain physiotherapy near you?

Consider the physiotherapist’s specific experience

All things being equal, you’re likely to feel most confident and obtain the most significant benefits from an experienced physiotherapist or chiropractor near you. That’s not to say that newly qualified and certified physiotherapists and chiropractors can’t help you with myriad physical problems, but the more complex your situation is, the more experienced a professional that you should retain.

There’s one more important factor to consider while choosing an experienced physiotherapist: the specific nature of your medical condition. Just as you wouldn’t have your car’s muffler repaired by a transmission specialist, you shouldn’t see a physiotherapist who specializes in spinal cord injuries to rehabilitate from an ACL injury. Physiotherapists who specialize in the specific nature of your injury will have the expertise, equipment, trained staff and resources to customize their services specifically for your recovery.

Customer experience

When you think of prioritizing customer experience when searching for a service provider, it may feel like we’re discussing cell phone or cable providers rather than physiotherapists, but the same principles apply to all three categories. Depending on the nature of your medical condition and rehabilitation or treatment plan, you may work together for some time while you receive physiotherapy in North York. Consider the clinic’s procedures when it comes to scheduling appointments, processing billings and handling insurance claims.

Is it convenient?

The most specifically experienced physiotherapist with top-notch customer service may be of little use to you if it’s located two time zones away or won’t make appointments at times that accommodate your work schedule or childcare needs. When searching for a physiotherapist, don’t forget to consider practical considerations like their available appointment hours, location (especially if you’ll rely on public transit), and parking. Will any of these factors be the primary determinant of your physiotherapy provider? Probably not, but they may be enough to tip your choice in one direction or another if all other factors are equal.

Our last tip may seem like an obvious one, but sometimes things that go without saying should really be said. When looking for a physiotherapist, be sure that you’re considering physiotherapists. There are a lot of people in the industry who advertise themselves as providers of physiotherapy services… but who are not in fact physiotherapists. In Canada, physiotherapy is a specific and regulated profession performed by trained professionals who have a university degree in physiotherapy, have passed the Physiotherapy National Examination, and who are in good standing with their provincial College of Physiotherapists. In Ontario, that’s the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario at

Now that you’ve identified some of the core factors to consider when choosing amongst the range of possible physiotherapists in North York, what’s next? Don’t rely on Yellow Pages listings or even Google searches. Instead, seek out the wisdom of your community. For referrals, ask the members of your professional medical treatment team: doctors and even your dentist. Don’t forget to survey your friends, family and work colleagues to help build your list of prospects. Just because one physiotherapist is right for them doesn’t mean they’ll be right for you, but the endorsement of a trusted family member may help you to feel confident in establishing a relationship with a new partner in maintaining your health, comfort and lifestyle.