Benefits of Physiotherapy in North York

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benefits of physiotherapy in north york

You have likely heard of physiotherapy before, but do you really know what it is? Physiotherapy is intended to restore, maintain, and get the most out of a patient’s function, mobility, and well-being. At Bayview Village Wellness Centre, we are happy to offer our patients physiotherapy in North York to help them alleviate painful symptoms and get back to enjoying the activities that they love. Here are some of the benefits that physiotherapy has to offer:

#1 Improving Mobility

Physiotherapy uses a variety of techniques to decrease joint stiffness and pain. Your muscles and joints can lock up and become stiff if moved unnaturally or injured. This can greatly affect your quality of life by limiting your range of motion and ability to engage in daily activities. Attending physiotherapy near you on a regular basis will slowly improve your range of motion and overall mobility.

#2 Improved Sleep

It has been proved through research that sleep apnea and other sleep disorders can be managed and minimized with the assistance of a physical therapist. It is vital that you get enough sleep during the night because a lack of sleep can reduce insulin regulation, lower your energy levels, and affect your general mood. Physiotherapy uses techniques to improve your sleep and ensure that you get enough deep sleep, also known as REM.

#3 Decreased Pain

Our physical therapist can use techniques to help release stiffness and tension that may be present in your joints and muscles. It can also alleviate the chronic pain that may result from consistent poor use or injury. Releasing muscle tension is vital, especially if it is in key areas such as the back, neck, and shoulders. Experiencing intense and constant pain in this area can significantly reduce your quality of life. Attending physiotherapy sessions will allow you to live a pain-free and healthy life.

#4 Improved Balance

If you have noticed that your balance is declining and you are having trouble staying upright, then physiotherapy may be the right solution. A branch of treatment known as vestibular rehabilitation physiotherapy can help you regain your balance as it focuses on your inner ear. This is the part of your body that controls your balance and keeps you from feeling dizzy. Additionally, a physiotherapist can provide patients with a series of neck, shoulder, and head exercises to help them regain their balance.

#5 Stroke Prevention

Many people suffer from cardiovascular problems or stroke each year and often end up with some sort of disability as a result. A physiotherapist can help stroke victims with rehabilitation and help them relearn how to use and strengthen their muscles. Additionally, physiotherapy can help prevent another stroke from occurring while improving your mobility and range of motion.

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As you can see from this article, there are plenty of reasons that physiotherapy is an advantageous and innovative treatment option for chronic or acute pain. If you are interested in learning more about how physiotherapy can benefit you and improve your quality of life, please get in touch with our team of medical professionals at Bayview Village Wellness. We are happy to help alleviate your pain and get you back to enjoying daily living with your loved ones. Please contact us to schedule a consultation today!