dr payam

Learning about Chiropractic

Dr. Vala was first introduced to chiropractic when he decided to accompany his father to see a chiropractor for his chronic low back pain that had been plaguing him for years. Dr. Vala did not know much about chiropractic care but over the course of treatment he learned more and more about chiropractic care and its approach to health while witnessing his father’s recovery after many years of suffering from pain.“Regular chiropractic care is essential to maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle.”

Dr. Vala completed his undergrad in psychology at York University and then attended Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College. Dr. Vala believes in a patient centered, evidence based, holistic health care in which a team of multidisciplinary practitioners look after a patient’s overall health. He is focused on working with his patients to provide optimal care that ensures patients’ long-termwell-being.

Dr. Vala is a member of:

• The Canadian Chiropractic Association

• The Ontario Chiropractic Association

In order to best serve his community, Dr. Vala decided to practice at Bayview Village Wellness Centre located only a short walk away from his home. Bayview Village Wellness Centre has been in the same location for 35 years and provides patient centered care in an ethical and professional environment for the Bayview Village community and beyond.

Dr. Vala is an avid soccer fan and has provided care with Canada’s both men’s and women’s national teams. When not in the practice, Dr. Vala enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter.