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Chiropractic Care

Our bodies were designed to be healthy and amazing! All healing, regulating and stress adaption is controlled and co-ordinated by our brains. This information gets to our body through our nerves. Chiropractic is designed to remove stress and tension from our nerves, thus allowing our body to function at its best, heal and express life to its fullest.

Tailoring to Your Comfort

North York Chiropractor Dr. Amanda Graham gives pregnancy chiropractic adjustment.Our chiropractors are skilled in several adjusting methods and offer both manual and instrument-based adjusting. The techniques we may use in your care include:

Personalizing Your Experience

Each patient has their own unique treatment plan. Yours will be tailored to you based on your history, X-ray results and examination findings.

Step into optimal health and experience wellness. Contact us to take advantage of $25 off all services for new patients!

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