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Meet Dr. Caitlin Lubberdink


A Chiropractic Family

Dr. Caitlin grew up in a chiropractic family and from the young age of 11 she knew she wanted to follow in her father’s footsteps and become a Chiropractor. She loved hopping up on the table for regular adjustments and hearing stories from her father about patients he had helped with Chiropractic care.

Growing up Dr. Caitlin was not a stranger to a wide selection of different sports. She played volleyball, a power forward in basketball, short stop in baseball and competed in regional and provincial track and field events mostly in the 400 and 1200 meter sprints. Dr. Caitlin jokes her athletic abilities may have peaked early but she is still an avid fitness enthusiast. Dr. Caitlin enjoys weekly runs ranging from 4 to 12 kilometers and ran a half marathon with GoodLife fitness in 2015.

In the summers Dr. Caitlin enjoys outdoor activities at her grandparent’s cottage including running the hilly terrain, wakeboarding, swimming and kayaking across the lake.

Dr. Caitlin has attended many chiropractic seminars always wanting to learn more to help her patients.

Dr. Caitlin is a member of the Ontario Chiropractic Association & Canadian Chiropractic Association.

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Enjoying a Healthy lifestyle

When she’s not in the practice Dr. Caitlin lives a healthy lifestyle and gets chiropractic checkups. She is passionate about exercise, loves hiking and running. Dr. Caitlin also does routine intermittent fasts to improve health and blood sugars.

Dr. Caitlin Lubberdink | Bayview Village Wellness Centre | (416) 221-7724