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Meet Deanna Lentini

North York Physiotherapist Deanna LentiniDeanna Lentini completed her Masters of Physiotherapy at University of Toronto and has practiced in both the paediatric and orthopaedic settings. She has a special interest in Aquatic Physiotherapy because she fascinated by how the physical properties of water can be leveraged for its therapeutic value. She has completed Aquatic Physiotherapy training courses in Deep Water Rehab, AquaStretch, and Aquatic Physiotherapy for arthritis and joint replacement. Deanna grew up around water and is a long time swimmer and lifeguard. Her goal as a Physiotherapist is to provide holistic care for each patient using manual therapy complemented with therapeutic exercise.

Community Minded

Deanna is local to the neighbourhood and attended school in the Bayview Village community. She is passionate about her volunteer work as the director of Fix the 6ix – a community organization that collects gift cards and donates them to shelters across Toronto.

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